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High-throughput gene expression profiling made fast, affordable and practical

BioSpyder Technologies has developed a novel product for targeted sequencing called TempO-Seq™, a gene expression profiling tool designed to monitor hundreds to thousands of genes at once in high throughput. TempO-Seq can analyze expression in samples with thousands of cells or from single cells without pre-amplification, maximizing utilization of precious or limited samples.  Sample barcoding, together with sequencing short fragments of  each gene, enables pooling up to 6,144 samples in one sequencing run. Assay content is flexible and customizable delivering unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity.with simplified data analysis that eliminates the need for bioinformatics.  TempO-Seq assays deliver an easy to use solution for customers doing expression profiling for any species.


Simultaneously analyze
thousands of targets

TempO-Seq brings the power of targeted sequencing to high-throughput sample processing with the use of template-dependent oligo ligation.

The process is both simple and ingenious. Detector oligos bind to specific RNA sequences and unbound oligos are eliminated. After the detectors are ligated and amplified with sample-tagged primers, the library is pooled and sequenced.

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Bring whole transcriptome profiling to your lab.

TempO-Seq opens new worlds of science to almost any genomics lab. Suddenly large scale studies are both affordable and practical, thanks to high target content, high sample throughput, and simple data analysis.

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