Our Solution for your application

We have developed a novel assay platform that allows for precise, efficient molecular profiling and analysis of samples for clinical and research purposes for a variety of applications.  Our assay platform has the flexibility to work with many different biological sample types, is able to generate robust results from very small samples including single cells, and employs a simple, proprietary chemistry that obviates the need for many of the steps associated with traditional molecular profiling techniques. At the core of our solution is our proprietary chemistry called Templated Oligo detection, or TempO-Seq™. Oligo ligation is an extremely efficient method for analyzing DNA and RNA as it eliminates the need for DNA or RNA extraction or reverse transcription. Our assay platform enables the simultaneous detection and quantitation of thousands of molecular targets and profiling of multiple parameters such as RNA expression, RNA fusions and rearrangements, DNA mutations, protein expression and more in a single testing workflow that can use NGS detection for quantitative measurement.  TempO-Seq is broadly applicable in many fields and BioSpyder is actively supporting and developing applications for Toxicology/Metabolism, Pathology, Oncology, Mental Health, Metabolic Diseases, Allergy, Host Defense, and Agriculture.

TempO-Seq provides the following advantages that can be applied to your desired application:

  • Multiplexing – analyze thousands of molecular targets in a single sample, providing a comprehensive profile while simultaneously pooling and processing 100’s to 1000’s of samples in a single ready to sequence library
  • Modular – platform supports whole transcriptome, fixed panels or custom panels for multiple species
  • Multi-parameter – measure multiple classes of molecular biomarkers such as RNA expression, RNA fusions, rearrangements, mutations, DNA mutations and protein expression/modifications
  • Compatibility with multiple sample types – Allows customers to profile biomarkers from a wide variety of biological samples such as FFPE tissue, cells, single cells and blood
  • Data quality – high fidelity and repeatable quantitative results with low background (no-sample) controls permits standard statistical analysis of replicate data and comparison between treatments or disease states
  • Data Integration – ability to measure multiple parameters from the same sample with the same technology, different treatments, or disease states within the same sequencing run, allows for fast, accurate and powerful data integration
  • Ease of use – simple robust protocol requires minimal hands-on time for both manual and automated versions, simple user interfaces – turnkey data analytics eliminates the need for bioinformatics expertise
  • Low cost – ability to pool samples makes NGS readout inexpensive, and easy data analysis eliminates the cost of bioinformatics
  • Minimal sample requirements – molecular profiles of low expression genes from extremely small amounts of sample, such as a fine needle aspirate, primary cells, and single cells without the need to pre-amplify the RNA or convert to cDNA
  • Speed – potential for 8 hour turnaround time including sequencing and analysis

If you are interested in the molecular profiling of DNA, RNA, or proteins from any sample type please contact us to discuss how TempO-Seq can benefit you.